Big Agnes Review with Justin Reiter

  • Date:Mon, Apr 11, 16

Photo courtesy of Justin Reiter

Justin Reiter is a Snowboarding professional. In 2013, Reiter took home the silver medal in the parallel slalom at the FIS Snowboarding World Championships. Since a very young age, Justin has been a snowboarding and outdoor enthusiast. Today, he serves the Big Agnes brand as an ambassador, tester, and promoter. LifeView Outdoors chats with Justin about his experiences with Big Agnes.

Tell us a story about when Big Agnes proved itself worthy as your first choice for equipment.

My most memorable time using Big Agnes gear was on a 10 day biking trip on The Colorado Trail. It was an experience that tested the guts of our gear and us as riders. Despite the sometimes harsh conditions and difficult days, we slept comfy each night thanks to Big Agnes.

What do you like about their gear?

I love the simplicity and constant innovation that is Big Agnes. A lot of companies become complacent in development when they find a good thing. I think Big Agnes is the exact opposite. They design the best gear and then ask themselves HOW can we make it better. From design to materials, they push for the best products out there.

I am also a fan of the culture of their business. My home and heart is in Steamboat Springs. I joke when I say, it's a quiet ranching town with a skiing and biking problem. However, the humility in the town is embodied in Big Agnes' business and marketing approach. They aren't out there trying to be more radical in their marketing. They are being real by supporting real adventurers of all types and documenting those journeys for everyone to share and be inspired by.

Photo courtesy of Justin Reiter

How did your career start?

I started snowboarding when I was nine years old. I fell in love with it and even slept with my first board. From there it grew. Once snowboarding was put into the Olympics, I knew that would be my path.

What drew you to the brand?

The local roots, amazing employees, and culture drew me to Big Agnes! Their commitment to excellence of product has made me a lifelong fan.

Do you think their gear is more style or function? How have you influenced their products?

Function first! Once they master that, they always seem to style it out. From creative bag patterns to gender specific color stories, they find a way to make even the roughest days in the backcountry more bright and fun.

What advice do you have for someone who is looking for new gear?

Outline your goals. Do your research. Then, find the best product that meets your needs according to your goals. Certain things like shaving weight or increasing temperature ratings may cost more but they are worth it in the end.

Photo courtesy of Justin Reiter

What's your biggest gear challenge and how does the brand solve it?

The elements! I travel and play outside in a variety of different climates. From ultralight through summer biking to winter backcountry camping and everything in between Big Agnes has the variety of specialty products that meet the needs for each environment.

What kind of gear are you looking to add next to your collection?

A big tent! The Big House 4! I really want to have a fun, big car camping tent to not only sleep in but to hang out with friends inside when it's crappy out. The humor of cramming three dudes in a two man tent is something reserved for foolish ultralight endeavors. I want to spread out when car camping desert season comes.

With all of your years of experience, what still brings you a sense of newness or awe when in the wilderness?

I always crave new experiences, but I love returning to the same trails, fishing holes, mountains, and forests, to see them differently. I will change the goal of the outing or bring someone new who hasn't been there, or change the mode of transportation (bike, running shoes, hiking boots, or skins). I just love moving and seeing new things with my friends, be they epics or everyday adventures, it doesn't matter what the intensity is. What matters is the company you keep and the joy you allow yourself to experience.


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Photo courtesy of Justin Reiter