ENO DoubleNest Hammock vs SingleNest Hammock Review

  • Date:Tue, May 17, 16

Photo courtesy of Sam Matta

Eagles Nest Outfitters, better known as ENO, is company with humble roots. In the summer of 1999, brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster decided they had had enough of the mundane, traditional work style, and began selling hammocks out of a van at music festivals. As the business grew and grew, the brothers settled down in North Carolina and continued promoting a laid back lifestyle by selling hammocks.

At first, the options were limited to simple hammocks. Now, ENO’s inventory has widely expanded to include not only hammocks but bug nets, backpacking materials, and even aesthetically pleasing and ambience setting lights and decorations. The most commonly purchased hammocks are the SingleNest and the DoubleNest. These are very beginner-friendly and easy to use, especially when doubled with the Atlas Straps.

Single Nest vs. Double Nest

This is a tough question most hammock purchasers face: SingleNest or DoubleNest? You can’t really go wrong with either of them. But that doesn’t help you decide which one to buy! So here are some logistics that will make it easier to see why I would recommend the DoubleNest over the SingleNest. The DoubleNest is the same length as the SingleNest, measuring in at a length of nine feet and four inches. But the width is slightly larger at six feet and two inches for the DoubleNest versus four feet and seven inches for the SingleNest. This extra fabric makes it easier to not only hold the same one person that the SingleNest can, but also two, or even three people, as long as the maximum weight limit of 400 pounds is heeded.

Weight is a serious thing to consider when purchasing a hammock, especially for backpackers and adventurers of the like. The added fabric may seem like a burden, but in fact it only adds three ounces of additional weight. Three ounces is also about the weight of three envelopes. This extra mass is almost insignificant! In terms of size, ENO describes the size of the packed SingleNest as “softball sized” and the size of the packed DoubleNest as “grapefruit sized.” Both also very comparable.

Photo courtesy of Sam Matta

Both hammocks are made of the same material (70D Nylon Taffeta) and both consist of the same rope weave. This material is breathable and quick drying, which is perfect for any adventure in the outdoors or even hammocking in the comfort of your backyard. The DoubleNest has won an award for “Gear of the Year” in the Sleep category! Definitely a great way to relax in the beautiful outdoors.

In conclusion, you can't go wrong with either hammock. It all depends on the circumstances and your personal preferences. The DoubleNest provides more benefits than disadvantages, so as a first hammock or even your tenth hammock, it would be a wonderful investment. Don’t forget to always make time to hang out, relax, and enjoy people and the world around you. To view hammocks from ENO, check out this link.

Written by Sam Matta, Brand College Ambassador for ENO Hammocks


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