Granite Gear Review with Lonnie Dupre

  • Date:Thu, Apr 21, 16

Photo courtesy of Lonnie Dupre

LifeView Outdoors encourages people to challenge themselves in the great outdoors. Lonnie Dupre, Granite Gear Brand Ambassador, sets a great example on how to be an Outdoor Master. For the past three decades, he has explored via dog sled, skis, and kayak over 15,000 miles throughout the High Arctic and polar regions. He started One World Endeavors to bring a community together to advocate for protection of the arctic region. LifeView Outdoors asked Dupre how he uses Granite Gear when undertaking his most challenging expeditions.

Granite Gear proved itself worthy as his first choice for equipment.

“When I looked up from 15,500 feet on the head wall of Denali, I saw ravens messing with my food cache at 16,000 feet. Thinking that they had eaten all of my food, when I arrived I could see that they had been working on my Granite Gear eVent Sil Sack for quite a while but were unable to get through it. Had they, it would have spelled the end of the expedition.”

It’s quite apparent that with a story like that, Granite Gear goes out of their way to not just engineer the toughest of tough, but also puts it to the test in real-life situations.

Lonnie’s passion for extreme outdoors expeditions began 30 years ago when he and a friend spent an entire winter snowshoeing in the Brooks Range of Alaska. We have come to know Granite Gear as a brand tough as... well granite, which is what drew Lonnie to the brand in the first place. “We needed stuff that wouldn’t fail. This is even more relevant when your safety is at stake on cutting edge expeditions,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Lonnie Dupre

Fashion over function can be a huge deal breaker in this day and age, particularly if you’re relying on tough gear to successfully get you through an excursion. According to Lonnie, “The style is attractive, but it’s the function that keeps us coming back.” He is even able to give Granite Gear advice on how to improve products after seeing how they handle in adverse conditions like the arctic cold. In fact, finding gear that works in the extreme cold can be the biggest gear challenge for Lonnie. Granite Gear has that aspect covered, particularly by way of larger buckles for cold fingers and ease of use.

For those looking to just get out for a simple weekend camping trip, Granite Gear can still be an ideal choice for your gear. According to the pro, “They make the best stuff sacks in the industry.” Even at this stage, Lonnie is still looking to add more eVent Sil stuff sacks to his collection of gear.

Lonnie has been seeking outdoor thrills since 1986 and it seems his insatiable hunger to climb to the top of mountains is what keeps him going. The views from atop any kind of peak still bring him a sense of newness in the wilderness.

LifeView Outdoors challenges you to get lost in the wonder of nature as frequently as possible. For your next equipment needs, including Granite Gear, feel free to visit our website or Nashville-based retail store.


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Video embed courtesy of KTVA / Lonnie Dupre