Nite Ize Review with Forrest Galante

  • Date:Wed, Mar 16, 16

Forrest Galante is one of the world's top adventurers, survivalists, and conservationists. He was featured on Discovery Channel’s Naked & Afraid Survivalist, Extreme Adventurer, and is a three- time World Record Freedive Spear Fisherman. Forrest began his adventures as a Wildlife Biologist. Recently, Nite Ize recruited him as a Brand Ambassador to help test and promote their creative innovative products.

Whether he’s in a helicopter, a cave, or underwater, Forrest uses the products on almost all of his adventures. One night, Forrest and his friends were about to dive into the water and hunt for lobsters off the Channel Islands. By the time Forrest was ready to dive 30 feet below, his friend Adam noticed that his much-needed light was broken.

Forrest said to Adam, “I have this brand-new head lamp from Nite Ize that is supposed to be water resistant to one meter. It will probably only last a couple dives, but try it.” To his friend’s surprise, the Nite Ize lamp lasted five hours, over 60 drops down to 25 ft freediving, and is still working today.

Nite Ize gear saved the day yet again when Forrest was in a helicopter on a biological survey with specialized monitoring equipment which left barely any room in the 3-man chopper cockpit. Forrest writes, “To the rescue comes in my absolute favorite adventure product ever invented - the Gear Tie. Minutes later, I had distributed dozens of them to the team and each run we were gear tying long tubes to the skids of the helicopters to get them to and from the project sites. Gear ties literally saved the project in one of those situations no one had ever thought about.”

Forrest was first drawn to the brand for their Gear Ties. “I use them for EVERYTHING at any given time around my house and in my gear closet you can see Gear Ties. Whether it’s holding together pole spears, hanging in a hammock or tying up my computer cord, they are the world’s most useful product and I honestly don't know how I functioned before I discovered them!”

He boasts about how their products are innovative, compact, sturdy and actually practical. “This is the kind of thing I find these products continually allow me to do and support me in my everyday work and adventure lifestyle,” says Forrest.

Forrest admits the biggest gear challenge he has is with organization. “From the Cam Jams to the Gear Lines, all the products, even the LED's help me keep my stuff organized.”

His love for wildlife started at a very young age when he grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa while his family owned a safari business. “This love of the unexplored and unknown pushed me into an academic career in Biology via the University of California, Santa Barbara and through some of the very unique work I do, and love of the pushing myself in the outdoors, eventually wound up in media.”

With so many hours outside, we were curious what still brought freshness and newness to Forrest. He explains, “taking the time to thoroughly immerse myself in the moment and flip every log or look in every cave and see what things are moving around. Just the raw element of surprise as to what you can find when you slow down and enjoy your surroundings brings me awe each and every day.”


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Photo courtesy of Forrest Galante