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  • Date:Tue, Mar 29, 16

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Local businesses provide a great deal of value to their community. Each one nourishes a specific culture which reflects the overall spirit of the organization. LifeView Outdoors is highlighting local businesses that share in the desire to equip their customers with the proper knowledge as well as the appropriate gear to get them outdoors doing whatever they love to do. LifeView Outdoors had an opportunity to catch up with Lee Wilson to get to know a little more about Nashville Running Company and his love of ultra runs. Wilson has participated in marathons all over the southeast.

Why did you open your business in Nashville?

Opening up Nashville Running Company in East Nashville store coincided with me being more than ready and willing to move on from the corporate life. Starting my own business was always something I wanted to do and luckily it turned out to be an industry that I knew a lot about and loved. It wasn't that I had a master plan to start a business in Nashville, but we have come to love Nashville and I'm sure glad this is the city it all started. With the growth Nashville has seen and supposed continuance of that growth, I'm excited to see how things change over the years and running continues to thrive in and around Nashville.

How has the local community embraced your business? Do you see Nashville as a place full of runners and athletes compared to places like Oregon?

Tremendously! I could never have imagined Nashville being so supportive of local businesses like Nashville Running Company and for that I'm very thankful. Obviously, you never know what tomorrow brings, but the community has supported us for four years and we'll hopefully be here for more.

It's tough to top Oregon (and maybe it's my home state bias) in the running arena. I haven't lived there for a long time, but I imagine that even though Oregon has more runners...that Nashville (and Tennessee as a whole) has a larger percentage growth of the running population over the past few years. With the local running groups, local schools and coaching improving, and larger racing scene, it's been amazing to see the change just in the eight years from when I moved here.

Photo courtesy of Nashville Running Company

What advice do you give when someone is looking for new running shoes?

For those that are new to running or haven't been into a specialty running store - don't be nervous to walk through the door! You're going to get more knowledge at a specialty store, like Nashville Running Company, than any big box or online avenue. You can come to us to get properly fitted and answer any questions and we try to allow you the simplicity of making the decision off of fit and feel.

For the runners that have been running for years, I recommend keeping an open mind. I wear multiple brands of shoes and I like certain brands for different reasons. The only major running injuries I had were in college when I wore one single brand. Now, I wear multiple brands and haven't had any major injury for quite some time.

How can I find and join a local running group?

Call us at Nashville Running Company or there's always the website. Most of the local running groups are either free or have a minimal annual fee and are open to anyone. Key thing is for you to make it happen!

What kind of outdoor gear do you carry with you on runs and hikes?

Everyone is different in what they like to utilize on runs. Some of the basics include a correct pair of shoes, tech tee and shorts as well as non-cotton socks. For women, a good supportive sports bra is extremely important. If you get into longer runs there are a variety of nutritional items and electrolytes one can use and, of course, I have my preferential brands that keep me from becoming one with the dirt. Me, personally, if I'm doing a 50k I'll use 4-5 gels and/or chews for carbs, etc as well as an electrolyte/water mix. I try to keep it simple because I'm not that intelligent anyway and I'm certainly not in right frame of mind 25 miles into a race.

Name three other local outdoor industry companies and groups not a lot of people know about, but deserve a shoutout?

Man, I wish I had more time to get into other activities and learn something new one of these days. The dudes at Jones Fly Company are great and when my parents come visit my dad and I will go chat with those guys since my dad lives and breaths hunting and fishing.

I grew up on the water and even though I've paddle boarded, I have never done it here. So, those groups would be fun and I've heard are phenomenal.

Can I include sitting on a local brewery patio drinking a cold one? Most runners love beer (Portland, OR is the mecca for breweries) so it's no coincidence that the Nashville brew scene is growing!!!


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