Shooting Straight with Diana Hufstedler

  • Date:Thu, Mar 03, 16

Photo courtesy of 5.11 Tactical and WodHawk Photography

We all know 5.11 Tactical creates high-caliber products for high-caliber people, and their brand ambassadors are no exception to the story. Competitive shooter, Diana Hufstedler shares a special connection with 5.11 Tactical. As a member of Team Taran Tactical Innovations, she has won several titles including the prestigious 2014 Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Open Champion. Among her list of honors, Diana is a marketing professional, founder of Sass Brass Bullets, and is an accomplished wife and mother. LifeView Outdoors had the opportunity to learn about her personal connection with 5.11 Tactical.

How did your career start?

On accident. I was shooting USPSA and IDPA matches on a local and state level when a couple of companies randomly noticed me. Safariland was first to give me an opportunity and support me to attend my first Bianchi cup. Then I decided to get into 3-Gun. Taran Butler from Taran Tactical Innovations contacted me and said, "I can recognize talent, I want you to shoot for me,” and the rest is history. Now, I travel all over the US, shoot a ton of matches, and work with companies I respect and admire.

Can you tell us your most memorable time while using 5.11 Tactical gear?

Oh, just one time!?! I wear 5.11 for shooting competitions, camping and hiking, gym trips, everyday, and even in the office. The most memorable time is probably the time I had to compete at a 3-Gun match in Kentucky and it rained the whole day. I had to lay and crawl in the mud, and at one point, slide down a hill over grass, stick and mud (my behind still hurts thinking about it). Best parts: I was able to maintain muzzle control and to my surprise, my 5.11 Stryke pants were completely intact - now those are some tough pants!

What do you like about 5.11 Tactical gear?

Everything: material, comfort, cut, durability, but most of all - style. As a woman, it is extremely hard to find tactical apparel that is also cute. I have enough mommy-jeans style tactical pants and I am done with them; my pistol is not meant to be in my armpit. The shirts in their female line are actually tapered to fit my small waist. Finally, a company that realizes women are NOT just shrunk down men.

Photo courtesy of 5.11 Tactical and WodHawk Photography

What drew you to the brand?

Janna Reeves (Pro Shooter) recommended their pants to me about a year and a half ago. I was frustrated with buying one cheap pair of pants after another just to find out they don't work for my shooting lifestyle. So, I reached out and asked for recommendations.

Do you think 5.11 is more style or function? How have you influenced their products?

Both are equally important and well executed. I am a perfectionist and always want the best.

As a brand ambassador, I frequently work with their Research & Development department, test prototype products on regular basis, and send continuous feedback both from myself and people I meet at the range. Not sure I'm the only one, but I'd love to take credit for the belt loops on the new Raven yoga pants, which are to die for!

What advice do you have for someone who is looking for new tactical gear?

Don't be stingy. You will pay more on the long run if you buy cheap stuff. I remember at first $70-$80 for high quality tactical pants seemed like a lot, but in retrospect, they've lasted so long and have saved me a lot of grief. So they have more than paid for themselves. Buy for quality!

Photo courtesy of 5.11 Tactical and WodHawk Photography

What's your biggest gear challenge and how does 5.11 Tactical solve it?

The bags! I have so many travel and transportation needs and it seems like there is no bag with enough pockets for me. 5.11 Tactical has a ton of bag and backpack options for any occasion, and they come with a ton of pockets and compartments. The second challenge is the need to layer properly as I often start shooting early in the morning when it is cold and finish in the heat of the afternoon. I like to layer a long sleeve t-shirt, a Trinity polo, a hoodie and a Sierra Jacket - which is my favorite and works for all seasons.

What kind of gear are you looking to add next?

More yoga pants, which are awesome. Probably more shoes and the 5.11 Tactical Recon Trainer shoes are so comfy.

With all of your years of experience, what still brings you a sense of newness or awe when in the wilderness?

I think it is a general mindset. I have made the conscious decision to be happy with what I have. It’s important to admire and marvel at the world around me and to always appreciate the little things. If you adopt such a mindset, you will see something new and breathtaking every time you're in nature and you will never grow tired of the beautiful world around us.


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