Welcome to the LifeView Outdoors Blog

  • Date:Thu, Nov 05, 15

Welcome to the LifeView Outdoors Blog. Here we will present information, reviews and observations that we believe will interest our customers and friends. One goal is to put the “why” with the “what” for the products that we offer. Meaning: we tell you not only what a specific product is, but also why that product might be important on your next adventure.

For those of you who might not be familiar with LifeView Outdoors, here is the nickel tour. After producing a DVD set on wilderness survival titled Prepared to Survive, we created the lifeviewoutdoors.com website. Believing that the same folks who would be interested in our DVD set would also be interested in quality gear, we offered a small selection of survival gear in addition to the videos. This grew over time to include backpacking and camping gear, apparel, footwear, and tactical equipment. Now, we have a larger showroom to accommodate our local customers and those passing through in addition to an expanded website. LifeView Outdoors is a locally-owned, independent retailer located in Nashville, TN.