Why do we sell Lowa boots, and what is a Lowa anyway?

  • Date:Fri, Nov 06, 15

We sell Lowa footwear because people love it. Go ahead and ask anybody that owns a a pair, and you’ll get an earful on how light, comfortable, durable, and supportive they are. Lowa Renegades are a perennial favorite for hikers and backpackers. The Zephyr TFs, Innox TFs and Z6s have a loyal following in the spec-ops community, and the Z8s have great reviews from hunters of all types. By the way, in Lowa parlance, the suffix TF stands for task force, GTX stands for Gore-Tex, and LL stands for leather lined.

The name Lowa is derived from the name of the founder, LOrenz WAgner, who started the company near Munich, Germany in 1923. Lowas are still made in Europe by skilled bootmakers. These boots have more engineering and technology in them than you’d think a boot could have.

  • MONOWRAP® frame technology, for boots that are lighter and more supportive than ever.
  • Dual Density PU (polyurethane) HEEL COUNTER adds heel stability
  • PU MONOWRAP® Frame and Integrated PU Midsole deliver outstanding shock absorption; are more durable, long-lasting and eco-friendly than other midsole materials
  • Full-Length STABILIZING SHANK protects, stabilizes underfoot
  • VIBRAM® EVO sole provides sure-footed traction in mixed terrain
  • Moisture management system keeps feet dry, protecting you against blisters and hot spots. A series of perforations or holes inside the boot's cuff lining allows air to enter the boot lining while the walking movement pumps heat and moisture back out through the holes.

These are just some of the design features that make Lowas perform so well and feel so comfortable. In general, Lowas bend where your foot bends, give your feet and ankles support where it counts, and reduce pressure in key areas.

Incidentally, and not surprisingly, Lowa only makes boots and shoes - nothing else, no distractions, just footwear. Kinda makes you believe they’re serious about what they do and how they do it.

Now you could be thinking “Sure they’re great - must cost a fortune, too”, but they do not. Lowa boots are quite fairly priced, and when you factor in the durability plus the increased comfort and performance that you experience with them, they’re actually a bargain. When you have miles to go to get home, you’ll want and need the confidence that a pair of dependable Lowa boots can provide.