Becker Micarta Handle Kit for BK11 Necker


The Becker BK11HNDL handle kit features two green canvas Micarta slabs and hardware, enabling you to add handles to your BK-11 Becker Necker. Knife sold separately.

Becker Micarta Handle Kit for BK15 BK16 BK17


The Becker BK16HNDL handle kit features two green canvas Micarta slabs for your mid-sized Becker knife. Replaces the factory handle slabs on the Becker BK-15, BK-16 and BK-17. Knife sold separately.

Ka-Bar Becker Eskabar Handle Kit BK14HNDL


The Ka-Bar Becker Eskabar Handle Kit BK14HNDL includes one set of black Zytel handle scales, one set of orange Zytel handle scales and mounting screws. This kit is designed to be used with the Becker Eskabar knife. Knife sold separately.

Ka-Bar Becker BK3 Tac Tool


The Becker BK3 Tac Tool made by Ka-Bar is expressly designed for tactical use but has also gained favor with divers. Made of .250" 1095 Cro-van steel, the 6.75" chisel ground blade is engineered to effectively pry, chisel and achieve leverage. An int...

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie


A formidable edged tool by any standard, the Becker BK-9 Combat Bowie by Ka-Bar has a 1095 Cro-Van high carbon steel blade that's a full 9" long and 188" thick. Contoured Zytel composite handles offer a secure and comfortable grip with either hand.

Ka-Bar Becker BK11 Becker Necker


The Becker Necker BK11 is a lightweight, low-profile knife that can be worn around the neck or easily stashed in a survival kit. Made with tough high carbon 1095 Cro-Van steel, this knife is durable and tough. The .165” x 3.25” blade offers great bac...

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Survival Knife


The Becker Campanion BK2 is about as stout a knife as you'll ever find. The BK2 features a beefy .250" thick blade made of 1095 high carbon Cro Van Steel, ergonomic Zytel composite handles, an epoxy coating that helps resists corrosion and a glass fi...

Ka-Bar Becker BK10 Crewman Knife


Now here again, the Becker BK10 Crewman was the best-selling Becker knife when it was last available. The BK10 is about the same overall size as the BK2 Campanion but has a blade thickness of 0.188 in. instead of 0.25 in. This reduces the knife's wei...

Ka-Bar Becker BK16 Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife


The Becker BK16 is the smaller, lighter version of the popular BK2. The BK16 likewise features tough 1095 Cro-Van steel construction, extended tang design and a practical drop point design. Mounted on the BK16 are contoured, sculpted Zytel handle sca...

Ka-Bar BK14 Becker ESEE Eskabar


The Ka-Bar Becker ESEE Eskabar is a knife with an interesting family lineage. The Eskabar is the result of collaboration between Jeff Randall of ESEE Knives and Ethan Becker, two knife designers and survival experts. The Eskabar combines the handle o...

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