SteriPEN Emergency Water Purifier


The SteriPEN Emergency is a compact, lightweight device that uses UV light to quickly kill harmful microbes, viruses and bacteria that may be present in water. The Emergency is specifically designed for home emergency and disaster preparation kits. ...

SteriPEN FitsAll Filter


The FitsAll Filter from SteriPEN allows you to prefilter your water before purifying with your SteriPEN. This clever device acts as a 4-micron filter and a funnel/adapter that works with nearly any bottle type. In addition, the FitsAll filter allows ...

Steripen Pre-Filter


Sized to fit on Nalgene and other wide mouth bottles, the SteriPEN prefilter prevents particulates over 4 microns in size from entering the bottle. Useful when clear water is not readily available, the filter simply screws onto your bottle, which is ...

Steripen Pre-Filter Replacement Filter Cartridge


The SteriPEN replacement cartridge filters out particulates over 4 microns. This is the correct replacement cartridge for the SteriPEN Prefilter and FitsAll filter.

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