Vargo Titanium Nail Peg


Vargo Titanium Nail Pegs offer long-lasting performance combined with ultralight weight. The flat head allows the peg to be driven into hard ground and the attached loop makes it easy to secure your shelter.

  • Flat head for driving in hard ...

Vargo Titanium Crevice Tent Stake


The Vargo Titanium Crevice stake is designed to provide a secure hold in hard ground. The 6” stake has a V shape for maximum holding power, an attached cord loop and weighs only 12 grams (0.42 oz.). Great for tents, flys and tarps.

  • Ultral...

Vargo Outdoors Decagon Stove


The Decagon stove is tough, light, simple and reliable. Its one-piece titanium construction has no moving parts and is virtually maintenance free. Designed for long term use on the trail, the Decagon is easy to operate and the bottom stability plate ...

Vargo Aluminum Summit Stake


Vargo Aluminum Summit Stake

The Vargo Aluminum Summit Tent Stake is made from high quality extruded aluminum. The Y-beam design provides increased surface area and holding strength in all types of terrain. The attached cord is reflective ma...

Vargo Ultralite Titanium Long-Handle Spoon


The Vargo Long-Handle Spoon is ideal for use with dehydrated or freeze-dried food bags, allowing you to reach the bottom of your bag without getting your hand messy. the Long-Handle Spoon weighs 0.5 oz. and has an 8.5 inch reach.

  • Angled b...

Vargo BOT - Bottle Pot


Vargo BOT

Is it a bottle or a pot? The answer is both. The Vargo BOT is a food-grade, stainless steel, one liter container with a leak proof cap. Strong and infinitely useful, the BOT is designed to save weight...

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