Sterno 100 Hour Emergency Candle


The Sterno 100 Hour Emergency Candle provides long-lasting light during emergencies or anytime that you you are “off the grid”. Because this is a liquid wax candle, it is lighter and more compact than solid wax alternatives. It is clean burning, unsc...

Mountain House Just In Case 3 Day Emergency Food Supply


Mountain House Just In Case 3 Day Emergency Food Supply

Prepare for whatever life throws your way with our Just in Case...®3-Day Emergency Food Supply.

This stackable, easy-to-store 3-day kit contains 20 servings of Mountain H...

Exotac nanoSPARK Firestarter


Exotac nanoSPARK Firestarter

The nanoSPARK™ is an ultra-compact firestarter designed for use with high surface-area tinders such as quickFIRE™. It can also be used to easily light camp stoves. The nanoSPARK&trad...

Benchmade 15061 Grizzly Ridge Folding Knife


Benchmade 15061 Grizzly Ridge Folding Knife

Based on the highly regarded Grizzly Creek, the Grizzly Ridge brings the comfort and sure grip of a dual durometer handle, a blade designed for all-around hunting utility, and uni...

Fox 40 Classic Whistle


The Fox 40 Classic signal whistle is designed to be heard above crowd noise, the roar of engines, breaking waves, and even thundering gale-force winds. Its three chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water. There are no moving parts t...

Fox 40 Mini Whistle


The Fox 40 Mini signal whistle incorporates a 3 chamber design with no moving parts for ultimate reliability. The sound that is produced rises well above man-made and environmental noise to attract attention in emergency situations. Made in Canada....

Stansport 30"x60" Wool Blend Camp Blanket - OD Green


Stansport 30"x60" Wool Blend Camp  Blanket - OD Green

From picnics to hunting trips to sporting events and beyond, you'll stay warm and dry with this versatile wool/poly blend blanket. For all its...

DeWALT Gripper Glove Set


DeWALT Gripper Glove Set

The DeWALT DPG70 is a textured rubber coated gripper glove. The rubber coating provides superior abrasion resistance. Breathable knit back for a comfortable fit in hot weather. Ergonomically designe...

Adventure Medical Kits SOL Thermal Bivvy


The AMK S.O.L. Thermal Bivvy is designed for emergency use in cold environments or as an ultralight sleep system in warmer ones, this light bivvy will provide a warm, dry and windproof escape from harsh weather conditions. The Thermo-Lite 2.0 bivvy r...

Brunton 9045 Chill Key Ring Compass


Brunton 9045 Chill Key Ring Compass

The 9045 Chill Compass represents the convenient combination of compass and thermometer, made easily accessible via key chain or zipper pull. 

  • Made in the...

Sun Company Brrr-Ometer Snowsport Thermometer


Sun Company Brrr-Ometer Snowsport Thermometer

Temperature at your fingertips with a unique “snowsports” design. Anodized aluminum housing and cushion-mounted thermometer.

  • Reads to -20 F/-30 C 
  • Designed a...

Ultimate Survival Technologies StrikeForce Fire Steel


The UST StrikeForce fire steel will reliably produce a large shower of hot sparks that will ignite any dry tinder. It works when wet, does not require batteries or fuel, has no moving parts and weighs only 3.7 oz. To use, simply scrape the striker do...

Ultimate Survival Technologies WetFire Tinder 5 Pack


Ultimate Survival Technologies WetFire Tinder is an all-weather fire-starting tinder that features a long-burn time, light weight and easy handling. WetFire is individually packaged in a lightweight, solid cube that burns without smoke and can be sta...

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops


Aquamira Water Treatment Drops

Aquamira 1 oz. Water Treatment (Chlorine Dioxide) kills bacteria while enhancing the taste of treated water. Everything you need to treat 30 gallons in the field comes in a compact, lightweigh...

Ultimate Survival Technologies WetFire Stove


If you want to be able to swiftly boil a cup of water without adding extra weight to your pack, the WetFire Stove is the solution. This ultra light stove weighs only .46 oz., folds for compact storage and is made of titanium for lasting performance. ...

Adventure Medical Kits Tinder-Quik Refill


Tinder-Quik is a waterproof, windproof and ultralight fire starting tinder that burns for 2-3 minutes. Tinder, an important component of any fire starting kit, makes starting a potentially life saving fire much quicker and easier. Tinder-Quik is a pr...

Adventure Medical Kits SOL Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy


The Adventure Medical Kits SOL Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy is a potentially lifesaving item that all backpackers, hunters and hikers should have in their packs. The smartly designed 3.8 oz. bivvy sack unfolds to a full 36 inches x 84 inches, yet occup...

The Original Space Brand Emergency Bag


The Original Space Brand Emergency Bag is made using the same quality material, originally developed for NASA, as the Space Emergency Blanket. This bag is designed to provide full body coverage for someone at rest. The Space Emergency Bag will reflec...

Coghlan's Survival Bag


The Survival Bag is an easy and affordable way to always have an emergency, waterproof shelter with you. The 3 mil polyethylene bag is 84" x 36", weighs 9 oz. and is bright orange for increased visibility. This reusable bag can help prevent hypotherm...

Equinox Egret Nylon Tarp


Equinox Egret Nylon Tarps are durable, lightweight tarps available in 5 sizes to suit a variety of needs. The smaller ones make great emergency shelters while the larger sizes are perfect for general use and home emergency preparation. Manufactured ...

Equinox Ultralite Globe Skimmer Nylon Tarp


Equinox Utralight Tarps are perfect for dayhikers in need of emergency shelter or backpackers who prefer to travel without the weight of a full tent. These premium quality ultralight tarps are constructed of waterproof 1.1oz...

Adventure Medical Kits Fresh Bath Travel Wipes


AMK Fresh Bath Travel Wipes are a gentle, rinse free way to clean and freshen up when you're hiking, camping, boating, working or are just at the ballpark. These wipes are antibacterial, pH balanced, alcohol free and biodegradable. Like the larger Fr...

Adventure Medical Kits Day Tripper First Aid Kit


The Day Tripper first aid kit from Adventure Medical Kits provides a carefully chosen selection of instruments and supplies to address illnesses and injuries commonly experienced in the backcountry. The practical Day Tripper is organized by injury, h...

Ultimate Survival Technologies BlastMatch Fire Starter


The BlastMatch fire starter is a highly regarded, one-handed fire starter that produces a shower of sparks in all conditions. Originally designed for military use, the BlastMatch has become extremely popular in the civilian outdoor community as well....

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