Katadyn Base Camp Pro Water Filtration System


Just fill, hang, and drink! With the Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L, you always have clean drinking water – and you won’t have to pump a stroke. At the heart of the Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L is the newly developed Ultra Flow Filter Element. With its flow ...

MSR Sweetwater Replacement Prefilter


Stainless steel, 75-micron prefilter catches heavy particulate matter before it reaches the SweetWater filter. Filters from above to avoid clogging.

MSR Sweetwater Filter Brush


This brush helps you keep a clean filter cartridge in your Sweetwater Filter or Sweetwater Purifier system. A clean cartridge improves flow, makes pumping easier and prolongs the life of the filter. Made in the USA.

MSR Sweetwater Bottle Adapter


Designed for the MSR Sweetwater filter systems, this bottle adapter fits most water bottles and allows spill free filling. 

SteriPEN FitsAll Filter


The FitsAll Filter from SteriPEN allows you to prefilter your water before purifying with your SteriPEN. This clever device acts as a 4-micron filter and a funnel/adapter that works with nearly any bottle type. In addition, the FitsAll filter allows ...

Steripen Pre-Filter


Sized to fit on Nalgene and other wide mouth bottles, the SteriPEN prefilter prevents particulates over 4 microns in size from entering the bottle. Useful when clear water is not readily available, the filter simply screws onto your bottle, which is ...

Steripen Pre-Filter Replacement Filter Cartridge


The SteriPEN replacement cartridge filters out particulates over 4 microns. This is the correct replacement cartridge for the SteriPEN Prefilter and FitsAll filter.

MSR Sweetwater Siltstopper Pre-filter


The MSR Siltstopper Pre-filter reduces the amount of silt and debris pumped into your water filter. The Siltstopper has a replaceable 5 micron filter and includes a short 3/16" hose for splicing into an existing filter hose, if required.

The S...

MSR SweetWater Siltstopper Replacement Filters


These filters are the factory replacements for the Sweetwater Siltstopper Pre-filter. Includes 3 filters per package.

Katadyn BeFree Water Filter


Katadyn BeFree Water Filter

Winner of Backpacker Editors' Choice Award, Runner’s World Gear of the Year Award, and ISPO Gold Awards! The lightweight and compact Katadyn BeFree water bottle and filter gives you the freed...

Sawyer Inline Hydration Pack Adaptor


The Sawyer Inline Hydration Pack Adaptor allows you to place a Sawyer Squeeze or All-In-One filter on the drinking tube of your hydration reservoir. The adaptor screws on to either side of the filter, the din hose is cut and entire unit attaches to t...

Geigerrig Insulated Tube


Plug-and-play low profile insulated drink tube for your Geigerrig Hydration System. Coated with fuzed insulating TPU foam. Spray valve cover with lanyard.

Geigerrig Power Bulb Replacement


Lost your power bulb? No problem. Here is a new one. Never suck again my friend!

Replacement Power Bulb for the GEIGERRIG Hydration Engine.

Katadyn Micro Cyst Filter 2-Pack


For use in the Katadyn MyBottle, Exstream and Exstream XR personal water bottle filters.

Katadyn Camp Series Replacement Filter Cartridge


Katadyn Camp and Base Camp Pro Ultra Flow Replacement Cartridge

Works with Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L and Base Camp Pro 10L Microfilter Systems for removing bacteria and cysts such as Giardia & Cryptosporidium...

Katadyn Shower Adaptor for Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L and Base Camp Pro 10L


Katadyn Shower Adaptor for Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L and Base Camp Pro 10L

With this small, handy shower adaptor, you can transform the Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L and the Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L gravity filter in ...

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