Adventure Medical Kits Rapid Response Trauma Pak


Adventure Medical Kits Rapid Response Trauma Pak

Designed for guides, hunters, rescuers, remote base camps, motor sports and emergency/survival kits, the AMK Trauma Pak provides a collection of supplies and instructions...

QuikClot Clotting Sponge


QuikClot stops bleeding fast. Proven effective by medics on the battlefield and first responders, QuikClot controls bleeding by absorbing water molecules from blood and leaving the platelet and clotting factor molecules in a highly concentrated form....

Adventure Medical Kits Fresh Bath Travel Wipes


AMK Fresh Bath Travel Wipes are a gentle, rinse free way to clean and freshen up when you're hiking, camping, boating, working or are just at the ballpark. These wipes are antibacterial, pH balanced, alcohol free and biodegradable. Like the larger Fr...

Adventure Medical Kits Day Tripper First Aid Kit


The Day Tripper first aid kit from Adventure Medical Kits provides a carefully chosen selection of instruments and supplies to address illnesses and injuries commonly experienced in the backcountry. The practical Day Tripper is organized by injury, h...

Go Towels


Go! Towels are a convenient way to stay refreshed and clean when you’re on-the-go. The re-sealable package contains 4 individual moist cotton terry washcloths that are washable and reusable. Each cloth is pre-moistened with a natural lemon-scented an...

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