Nextorch Smart Light UL360


Nextorch Smart Light UL360

The appropriately named UL360 acts as a 360° area utility pocket lantern to light your campsite or your w...

UCO Pac-Flat Reflector for Candle Lantern


The UCO Pac-Flat Reflector slides down on to the top edge of UCO Original, Micro, and Mini Candle Lanterns to direct light downward. Focusing the light increases the glow of the lantern and provides light where you need it most and is especially usef...

UCO Candlelier Lantern Cocoon


The UCO Candlelier Candle Lantern Cocoon is made of impact-resistant neoprene and designed to encapsulate your Candlelier Lantern, protecting it from damage. The Cocoon is highly effective at preventing scratching and denting of the lantern body and ...

UCO Candle Lantern Reflector


The UCO Candle Lantern Side Reflector clips to the top edge of the Original Candle Lantern and Mini Candle Lantern to direct light to one side. Focusing the light increases the glow of the lantern and lets you get light where you need it most.

UCO Candlelier Lantern Side Reflector


The Candlelier Side Reflector slides in on one side of the Candlelier Candle Lantern to direct light forward. Focusing the light increases the glow of the lantern and lets you get light where you need it most. Fits Candlelier Candle Lantern.


UCO ALKI Lantern + Flashlight


The UCO Alki Lantern + Flashlight is a versatile, compact light that works as a handheld flashlight or a lantern. The base mounted shock cord enables you to hang and focus the lantern from both horizontal and vertical surfaces. No longer limited to a...

UCO LumoraPod Utility Light


Bring multifunction to a whole new level with the lightweight but tough, water-resistant LumoraPod Utility Light. Read, work or blaze the trail with 180 lumens of non-glaring light, thanks to the frosted globe. Collapse the lantern into a powerful fl...

UCO Tetra USB Charger + FlashLight + Lantern


The rechargeable and collapsible Tetra LED Lantern + USB Charger + Flashlight from UCO, shifts easily between flashlight and lantern functions and features a USB-charger port perfect for charging a camera, mobile phone, or GPS. The Tetra has a durabl...

UCO Mini Candle Lantern


UCO Mini Candle Lantern

The Mini Candle Lantern is a safe and convenient source of light and warmth both outdoors and in. Lightweight and fueled by a tealight candle, it’s ideal for ultralight hiking, bike touring and world...

UCO Original Candle Lantern Kit


UCO Original Candle Lantern Kit

Protect your lantern and fine-tune the glow with this Original Candle Lantern Kit. The kit includes the Original Candle Lantern, a side reflector to direct light, and a Cocoon™ to help preven...

UCO Original Candle Lantern LED Upgrade Kit


Kick your resources up a notch. If you already own an Original Candle Lantern, you can improve the functionality of it by adding a long-lasting LED to the base. This kit also replaces the base and hanging hook.


UCO Lumora LED Lantern


On sale-save over 25%.

The UCO Lumora LED Lantern is a combination lantern/flashlight featuring a rugged, bright Cree LED emitter that produces up to 180 lumens of light. The Lumora has a collapsible design that makes ...

UCO StretchLITE XL Lantern


The StretchLite XL LED Lantern features a 0.5 watt Nichia LED with a 26 lumen output, a 22+ hour burn time and a tough aluminum housing. The StretchLITE can be used as either a lantern for all-around light or a hand-held flashlite with a directed bea...

UCO Candlelier Lantern


The UCO Candlelier Lantern is a bright and versatile 3-candle lantern that offers light and heat for an extended period of time. All three candles can be used simultaneously for maximum heat and light, or one can be used at a time for long-term opera...

UCO Candle Lantern


The UCO Candle Lantern is a collapsable lantern featuring a glass chimney, a spring loaded candle tube that keeps the candle at a constant height and a viewing slot to monitor remaining burn time. The Candle Lantern works with UCO Nine-hour candles f...

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