Pelican 3310PL LED Flashlight


The Pelican 3310PL LED Flashlight is a unique, compact flashlight with an exceptionally long runtime and high output. The 3310PL (photoluminescent) light glows in the dark for swift deployment, and features an output of 378 lumens for up to 8 hours. ...

Pelican 7600 LED USB Rechargeable Flashlight


The Pelican 7600 LED Flashlight is designed for law enforcement, military and other demanding applications. It is a USB rechargeable, multi-color, multi-mode light that will accept standard CR123 batteries in addition to the included Lithium recharge...

Pelican 1910 LED Flashlight


The Pelican 1910 Flashlight is small enough to fit in your front pocket, operates on a single AAA battery and can produce 104 lumens for up to 2.5 hours. Ideal for everyday carry as well as general use around home or camp. Key features include an ano...

Pelican 7100 LED USB Rechargeable Flashlight


The Pelican 7100 LED Flashlight is a high performance USB rechargeable, multi-mode light that will accept standard AA batteries in addition to the included Lithium rechargeable battery.

The 7100 offers a maximum output of 695 lumens along with ...

Pelican 7606 Flashlight Holster


Pelican 7606 Flashlight Holster

This holster is designed especially for the Pelican 7600 Flashlight and can accommodate belts up to 2.5 inches in width.

  • Nylon construction
  • Fits belts to ...

Pelican 2760 LED Headlight


Pelican 2760 Headlamp

It's the one headlamp that does it all. Tough, lightweight, super bright and loaded with multiple lighting features that include high, medium, low, flashing, downcast, and night vision red LED mode...

UCO Candle Lantern


The UCO Candle Lantern is a collapsable lantern featuring a glass chimney, a spring loaded candle tube that keeps the candle at a constant height and a viewing slot to monitor remaining burn time. The Candle Lantern works with UCO Nine-hour candles f...

UCO Candle Lantern 9-hour Candles 3-pack


UCO 9-hour candles are designed for use in all full-sized Candle Lanterns. Each candle has a nine hour burn time when used in a Candle Lantern. 9-hour candles are a great source of warm, reliable light when camping, picnicking or at home during power...

Princeton Tec Pulsar II


The Princeton Tec Pulsar II features a runtime of up to 12 hours, a switch to lock the light on, a bright 10 lumen LED lamp and almost weightless construction. The Pulsar microlight makes a great keychain/zipper pull/survival kit flashlight. The Pul...

Sterno 55 Hour Emergency Candle


The Sterno 55 Hour Emergency Candle is a common-sense item for every home, cabin or lodge. This all-purpose, unscented candle has a wide base for increased stability. A fifty-five hour burn time ensures that you’ll have light and heat for over 2-3 da...

Sterno Mini Column Emergency Candles 6 Pack


Sterno Mini Column emergency candles are packaged six to a box and are rated at 9 hours of burn each. These unscented, all-purpose candle allow placement in multiple locations when the power goes out. A must-have for home preparedness.

  • 9-...

SureFire E2D LED Defender Flashlight


The SureFire E2DLU Defender Ultra is a compact, dual-output flashlight built with personal protection in mind. The 500 lumen high beam is ten times the light needed to overwhelm the night-adapted vision of an aggressor. The E2DLU Defender Ultra LED i...

eGear Spotlight Rechargeable LED Light


Clearance-quantities limited.

The eGear Spotlight ensures that you’ll always have a functioning flashlight in your vehicle. The Spotlight is designed to remain plugged into your 12-volt lighter socket and thus is always charged...

eGear Spotlight A/C Adaptor


The Spotlght A/C adapter allows you to keep your Spotlight charged wherever there is a 110-220 volt AC outlet. The articulating head rotates 360 degrees to keep your light accessible. This is a great way to know that you’ll always have a fully charge...

eGear Spotlight Super Socket


The eGear Spotlight Super Socket allows you to keep both your Spotlight and another accessory powered up when just one power outlet is available. The Spotlight is not included.

eGear Pico Light


The eGear Pico light was designed in association with Doug Ritter for use in the survival kit that bears his name. But after you’ve handled one you’ll want to keep several more available for daily use. These impressive little lights are barely larger...

UCO Candle Lantern Beeswax Candles 3-pack


UCO 100% natural Beeswax candles burn longer than paraffin, with a 12-15 hour burn time for each candle. In addition Beeswax candles are a natural alternative to oil based candles and produce a pleasant aroma with less smoke. Wax formula, wick size, ...

ASP Lite Cells CR123A Lithium Batteries Box of 12


ASP Lite Cells lithium 123A batteries offer high energy density, stability in a wide range of temperatures and a 10-year shelf life. ASP Lite Cells also incorporate a current and thermal protection system. Each cell has a built-in sensor that increas...

Pelican 2360 250 Lumen LED Flashlight


The Pelican 2360 LED Flashlight is a tactical, high performance light with a bright 250 lumen output. Key features include a textured aluminum housing, two light levels, strobe, a removable clip and a tail-cap off/on/momentary switch. The 2360 operat...

UCO Lumora LED Lantern


On sale-save over 25%.

The UCO Lumora LED Lantern is a combination lantern/flashlight featuring a rugged, bright Cree LED emitter that produces up to 180 lumens of light. The Lumora has a collapsible design that makes ...

UCO StretchLITE XL Lantern


The StretchLite XL LED Lantern features a 0.5 watt Nichia LED with a 26 lumen output, a 22+ hour burn time and a tough aluminum housing. The StretchLITE can be used as either a lantern for all-around light or a hand-held flashlite with a directed bea...

UCO Candlelier Lantern


The UCO Candlelier Lantern is a bright and versatile 3-candle lantern that offers light and heat for an extended period of time. All three candles can be used simultaneously for maximum heat and light, or one can be used at a time for long-term opera...

Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight


The Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight offers strong performance in a compact design. The 1920 produces 224 lumens for 2 hours, 15 minutes on just two AAA batteries. This pen-light sized flashlight features a removable pocket clip, an on/off/momentary ...

Pelican 2720 LED Headlight


The Pelican 2720 LED Headlight is a remarkable hands-free light that turns on with a simple wave of the hand. Key features include a variable light output of up to 80 lumens, a low-level red led output that preserves night vision, and a signaling red...

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