Survco Credit Card Ax


Survco Credit Card Ax

The Survco Credit Card Ax is a surprisingly robust multi-tool that fits in your wallet. There are 21 functions available with this tool including knife, ax, safety cutter, wrenches, saw, a...

TOPS Pocket Survival Saw


The TOPS Survival Saw is a lightweight metal/wood saw featuring a 3 inch blade that pivots out of a Kydex handle. The saw weighs only 0.5 oz and will easily fit in a small survival kit. A lanyard hole is positioned to the rear of the handle.


CRKT Eat N Tool 9100C


The CRKT Eat N Tool is a 1.5 oz. stainless steel multi-tool/spork combination. This little gadget features a short-tined spork, screwdriver/pry tip, bottle opener, 10, 8 and 6 mm hexagonal wrenches and a carry carabiner. Stainless steel construction...

CRKT Exitool Safety Tool


Available in orange only.

The CRKT Exitool gives you the ability to quickly and safely cut through a seatbelt, break a car window and escape from your vehicle in the event of an accident or submersion. The Exitool clips on your seatbelt for qui...

CRKT 8975 Picatinny Tool


The CRKT 8975 CTC Picatinny Tool is a handy and practical multi-tool for shooters, military and law enforcement personnel. The 8975 is a multi-purpose tool to aid in the attachment and adjustment of CTC sights designed for Picatinny rails and t...

Clauss Titanium Trauma Shears


The Clauss 7” Ti Snip is an ultra durable cutting tool, ideal for use as trauma shears or for general cutting tasks at home or at work. The Titanium bonded blades a 3 times harder than stainless steel and stay sharper longer. These shears resist rust...

Benchmade 916SBK-ORG Triage Knife


The Benchmade 916SBK-ORG Triage is the ideal tool for first responders and public safety professionals. The unique 916 features a blunt nose 3.50" N680 blade that's extremely corrosion resistant, a 440C safety hook for safe and rapid cutting of seat ...

Ka-Bar 2484 TDI Master Key


The Ka-Bar 2484 TDI Mater Key is a tactical tool designed to assist in the dynamic entry of buildings and containers by law enforcement or military personnel. One piece, 1095 Cro-Van steel construction makes this tool practically indestructible. Key ...

SOG Baton Q3 Multi-Tool


SOG Baton Q3 Multi-Tool

Designed to endure, the Baton Q3 will get you out of a wide array of tough situations. Based on the classic multi-tool, it fulfills your basic essentials for wildern...

Wedge-It 2 Door Stop


The Wedge-It 2 from Open Door Industries is designed to hold open doors at a ninety degree angle from any of three locations. This versatile door stop was originally designed for first responders but is now used for tactical response, industrial and ...

Leatherman Pump Shotgun Tool


The Leatherman Pump is a lightweight tool designed specifically for shotgun maintenance and adjustment. An essential tool for the hunting, skeet or in the field, the Pump features a scope adjustment tool, a replaceable disassembly punch, 0.25 in. hex...

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