MSR Quick Solo Pot


The MSR Quick Solo Pot is the ultimate solution for the simple, one-pot meals favored by soloists moving fast. MSR Rapid Cookware offers maximum efficiency and reliability for one-pot meals and melting snow.

  • 1.3L pot handles basic cooking ...

MSR Quick 2 Pot Set


The MSR Quick 2 Pot Set includes two anodized aluminum pots, one 2.5 L uncoated pot suitable for use with metal utensils and a 1.5 L nonstick DuraLite DX pot for that allows versatile meal planning and easy clean-up. Also included is a strainer lid a...

Optimus Terra Pot Lifter


The Optimus Terra Pot Lifter is a lightweight pot handler that will securely grasp any Optimus Pot to prevent spills and burns.

  • 5.75"
  • Composite construction
  • Lightweight-1.25 oz.

MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots


The MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot offers durability and value for high-use situations, base and family camping.  Made of stainless steel these pots are very strong, durable and feature a hinged handle that flips over to lock the lid in place for trans...

MSR Base 2 Pot Set


The MSR Base 2 Pot Set features two lightweight, nesting pots, a strainer lid, a Talon pot handle and a Packtowl to prevent scratches and help with clean-up.  Part of MSR's Fast and Light series of cookware, the Base 2 set weighs in at just 16.2...

MSR Flex Skillet


The MSR Flex Skillet in made from next-generation DuraLite, a non-stick, scratch resistant material. With this handy pan, you'll be able to sauté' trout or make the perfect pancake trailside. The Flex Skillet nests inside a Flex 4 System or Pot Set ...

Optimus Terra HE Cook Set


The Optimus Terra HE Cook Set features an anodized aluminum pot for boiling, a thicker Teflon coated pot for simmering, a Teflon coated fry pan, a potlifter and a neoprene cover that keeps food hot and prevents burns and scratches.

A special he...

Optimus Terra Weekend HE


The 2010, the 0.95 liter Optimus Terra Weekend HE offers high efficiency cooking, light weight and versatility at an affordable price. The two-piece set is comprised of a pot with a built-in heat exchanger and a fry pan. The pot’s special heat exchan...

Optimus Terra Solo


The Optimus Terra Solo is an ultralight .6 liter cookset consisting of a pot and a small fry pan. The cookset will easily hold an Optimus 110 gram fuel canister, Crux or Crux Lite stove and a folding spork for increased convenience and efficiency.

Optimus Terra Light Weight Pot


The Optimus 3030 Terra Light Weight Pot is a hard anodized aluminum pot with a capacity of 1.7 liters. The Terra LightWeight Pot is an affordable way to be sure that you’ll be able to boil water and prepare meals on the trail.

  • 1.7 liter c...

Optimus Terra Gourmet Pot


The Optimus Terrra Gourmet Pot is a 1.6 liter pot that's both lightweight and affordable. The Teflon coating keeps food from sticking and makes cleaning much easier. Ridges on the bottom help keep the pot secure on the stove.

  • 1.65 liter c...

Optimus (H)EAT Insulation Pouch


The Optimus (H)EAT Insulation Pouch is the perfect solution for eating outdoors. Its unique design keeps your freeze dried meals warm 25% longer when used with a food pouch or cooking pot. Plus, the (H)EAT Insulation Pouch has slip-in side pockets th...

Vargo BOT - Bottle Pot


Vargo BOT

Is it a bottle or a pot? The answer is both. The Vargo BOT is a food-grade, stainless steel, one liter container with a leak proof cap. Strong and infinitely useful, the BOT is designed to save weight...

MSR Trail Lite Duo System


The MSR Trail Lite Duo System is a lightweight single pot, cook set for two people. The set features an all-new MSR ceramic nonstick coating that's both durable and PTFE and PTOA free. The Trail Lite Duo system includes an ample 2 liter hard anodized...

Optimus Terra Lite HE Cook Set


The Optimus Terra Lite HE Cook Set is a 2-piece cook set featuring an anodized aluminum pot and a frying pan with a corrugated thermal base that can also be used as a lid. A special heat exchanger on the anodized 1.75 liter pot transfers heat more ef...

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