StatGear T3 Rescue Tool


StatGear T3 Rescue Tool

The StatGear T3 Rescue Tool features a spring-loaded window punch, a 5 lumen integrated light,a 440C stainless steel rescue hook and a 3.25 inch 440C knife blade. The T3 is an important asset for fir...

Resqme Car Escape Tool


Resqme Car Escape Tool

Over 4 million motorists worldwide carry resqme, the keychain car escape tool, to keep their family safe on the road! This 2 in 1, safety and survival tool allows you to cut a jammed seatbel...

Benchmade 179 SOCP Hook


Benchmade SOCP Hook

The Benchmade 179 SOCP Hook is a unique, multi-purpose rescue tool that can be quickly deployed and discretely carried. For emergency situations the 179 provides the operator a safety cutter, a carbide ...

Benchmade 8 Hook


The Benchmade 8 Rescue Hook and strap cutter features an elongated handle for a better grip with gloves, a black powder coat finish and multiple carry options. The 8 Hook is made of 440C stainless steel (58-60 HRC) for long-lasting performance and ed...

Benchmade 10 BLK Rescue Hook - Strap Cutter


The Benchmade 10BLK Strap Cutter - Rescue Hook features an elongated handle for a better grip with gloves, an enlarged hook gap that allows cutting of rope up to 1” thick and other larger diameter woven materials and a versatile Boltar...

Benchmade 9CB Hook w/Carabiner


The Benchmade 9CB Rescue Hook is a lightweight safety cutter with a one-half inch capacity and a retractable blade cover. Made with strong Grivory, the 9CB has an integrated carabineer clip and a bottle opener. The 9CB Hook quickly cuts through rope,...

Benchmade 7 Rescue Hook


The Benchmade 7 Rescue Hook/Strap Cutter provides a reliable way to remove, expose, extract, free and otherwise disentangle yourself and others in an emergency situation. This life-saving tool quickly and safely slices through webbing, clothing, leat...

CRKT Exitool Safety Tool


Available in orange only.

The CRKT Exitool gives you the ability to quickly and safely cut through a seatbelt, break a car window and escape from your vehicle in the event of an accident or submersion. The Exitool clips on your seatbelt for qui...

Ontario Knife Rescue Tool Model 1


The Ontario Knife Rescue Tool Model 1 is widely used by the US Military as a rescue hook and strap cutter. Key features include replaceable blades that can also be sharpened, O2 valve slots, compact storage box with spare blades and screws, lanyard a...

Benchmade 916SBK-ORG Triage Knife


The Benchmade 916SBK-ORG Triage is the ideal tool for first responders and public safety professionals. The unique 916 features a blunt nose 3.50" N680 blade that's extremely corrosion resistant, a 440C safety hook for safe and rapid cutting of seat ...

Clauss Titanium Trauma Shears


The Clauss 7” Ti Snip is an ultra durable cutting tool, ideal for use as trauma shears or for general cutting tasks at home or at work. The Titanium bonded blades a 3 times harder than stainless steel and stay sharper longer. These shears resist rust...

Benchmade 5 Hook


The Benchmade 5 Rescue Hook and strap cutter rapidly slices through cordage, webbing, clothing, gear and more while leaving the surrounding area intact. Made of 440C stainless steel (58-60HRC) for dependable performance, the 5 Hook is compact at only...

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