S.I. Howard Glass 2 inch x 3 inch Signal Mirror - M-33


S.I. Howard Glass 2 inch x 3 inch Signal Mirror - M-33

This emergency signal mirror is made from actual glass and reflects better than most, if not all, other signal mirrors. Long issued by the US military, the M-33 is...

Photon X-Light Micro LED Light


The Photon X-Light is a rugged, miniature LED light that features multiple operational modes-slow, medium and fast flashing, S.O.S., and Morse (intermittent) plus constant on with brightness control. A single, glow in the dark button accesses all the...

Pelican 2130 Mini Flasher


The Pelican 2130 Mini Flasher is a corrosion proof, high visibility marker light that can be easily attached to almost anything. The LED emitter will last a lifetime and can be seen from a very long distance. Often used by cyclists, joggers, and hike...

Adventure Medical Kits Rescue Flash Signal Mirror


Adventure Medical Kits Rescue Flash Signal Mirror is a lightweight, durable mirror that can produce a flash visible to 20 miles. An integral part of any survival kit, a signal mirror is the most effective way to signal aircraft for rescue. The Resc...

Ultimate Survival Technologies StarFlash 2" x 3" Signal Mirror


The Ultimate Survival Technologies StarFlash Ultra signal mirror is over 90% as reflective as glass, is virtually unbreakable, scratch resistant and floats. It’s the new, improved version of the original StarFlash and, like the original StarFlash, ...

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