CRKT Eat N Tool 9100C


The CRKT Eat N Tool is a 1.5 oz. stainless steel multi-tool/spork combination. This little gadget features a short-tined spork, screwdriver/pry tip, bottle opener, 10, 8 and 6 mm hexagonal wrenches and a carry carabiner. Stainless steel construction...

Optimus Terra Pot Lifter


The Optimus Terra Pot Lifter is a lightweight pot handler that will securely grasp any Optimus Pot to prevent spills and burns.

  • 5.75"
  • Composite construction
  • Lightweight-1.25 oz.

Optimus Titanium 2-Piece Cutlery Set


The Optimus Titanium Two-piece Cutlery Set features a textured, matte finish handle, a polished eating surface and a small carabineer to keep both utensils secure. Titanium construction assures long-term performance and light weight.

  • 6.5”...

Optimus Titanium 3-Piece Cutlery Set


The Optimus Titanium Three-piece Cutlery Set includes a fork, spoon and knife featuring a textured, matte finish handle and a polished eating surface. A small carabineer is included to keep the utensils together and at hand. Titanium offers excellent...

Optimus Titanium Folding Spork


The Optimus Titanium folding spork features a matte finish handle, a polished eating surface and a folding design that allows it to fit inside of Optimus Terra Weekend and Solo cooksets.

  • 3.7" folded
  • Long lasting titanium construc...

Light My Fire Titanium Spork


Light My Fire Titanium Spork

The Spork Titanium is made of titanium, one of the toughest alloys on the planet. Titanium is widely used in aircraft construction because of its lightness and extreme strength, yet it is also used in ...

Light My Fire Grandpa's FireFork


Be the envy of the group at your next weenie roast. GrandPa’s Fire fork is an ingenious way to roast hot dogs, marshmallows or most anything else that you’d cook over a fire. The simple but elegant design allows the holder to be quickly attached to m...

Optimus (H)EAT Insulation Pouch


The Optimus (H)EAT Insulation Pouch is the perfect solution for eating outdoors. Its unique design keeps your freeze dried meals warm 25% longer when used with a food pouch or cooking pot. Plus, the (H)EAT Insulation Pouch has slip-in side pockets th...

Vargo Ultralite Titanium Long-Handle Spoon


The Vargo Long-Handle Spoon is ideal for use with dehydrated or freeze-dried food bags, allowing you to reach the bottom of your bag without getting your hand messy. the Long-Handle Spoon weighs 0.5 oz. and has an 8.5 inch reach.

  • Angled b...

Light My Fire Spork Little 3-Pack


Light My Fire Spork Little combines a fork with a spoon and is designed specifically for infants and toddlers. In comparison to the adult version, the Spork Little is smaller, thicker, and more rounded, making it easier for little hands to hold on; i...

Light My Fire Spork Lefty 2-Pack


The Light My Fire Spork Lefty is a spoon-fork-knife combination, ideal for camping, hiking, picnics, or the lunchbox. Spork Lefty has all the same form and function as the original Spork, yet reversed in orientation in order to better serve the left-...

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