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The Adventure Medical Kits Sharx personal safety whistle produces a very loud (122db) sound requiring only a modest amount of breath. This triple frequency whistle is manufactured in association with Fox 40 and has a pealess design, an integrated split ring, multiple lanyard attachment points, and a soft rubber inset to aid in gripping.

The AMK Sharx is an ideal signal whistle for all types of outdoor activities as well as for urban everyday carry, and is an important item for children to have when away from home. The Sharx whistle generates a sound that can be heard over very long distances and above crowd noises attracting attention and providing an audible beacon for rescuers. It is impossible to yell or scream for long periods and drains much needed energy to do so. A good signal whistle in an effective way to signal ground searchers and can be used for long periods, increasing the chances of rescue. In an urban setting, a loud whistle can attract the attention of others in an emergency situation and can help distract and dissuade a would-be attacker.

  • Lightweight-0.5 oz.
  • Reliable, pealess design
  • Made in association with Fox 40
  • Very loud (122 db), triple frequency sound
  • Essential, for all outdoor enthusiasts
  • Efficient, long distance signaling
  • Ridged grip for extra security in wet conditions
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