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The AMK SOL Heatsheets survival blanket is an indispensable item for all outdoor enthusiasts. This 3.5 oz., compact survival blanket will keep you dry, help prevent hypothermia and can serve as a signaling aid if you are lost. Survival and first aid instructions are printed directly on the surface for easy reference.

Made of a low-density polyethylene that is superior to common mylar "space type" blankets, the Heatsheet is easy to open and refold, is waterproof, resists tearing, is reusable and is both quieter and larger. In addition to its primary use as an emergency blanket, the Heatsheet can be used as a tent floor liner, a lightweight shelter or to simply cover gear for protection from the elements.

The Heatsheet features a bright orange stripe, an easy to spot universal distress color for rescue and reflects up to 90% of radiated body heat. The flat shape makes it easy to pack.

  • Waterproof
  • Large enough for two people-60" x 96"
  • Reflects up to 90% of your body's heat
  • Quiet, rip resistant, repairable
  • Lightweight, compact
  • Versatile-shelter, signaling, water collection, gear protection, first-aid
  • Affordable
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