Ben's 30 Insect Repellent Travel Size Wipes 12 Pack

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Ben's 30 DEET Travel Wipes is a convenient way to apply and carry an effective insect repellent. The box contains 12 individually packaged wipes that allow you to precisely apply the repellent quickly and easily. Additionally, the wipes can be carried in a purse, tackle box, survival kit, backpack or in the car without worrying about having a leaky or cumbersome bottle.

Ben's unique water-based formula insures that the repellent will last longer than alcohol based repellents that quickly evaporate from your skin. Ben's 30 effectively repels Ticks, Black Flies, Deer Flies, Chiggers, Mosquitoes, No See Ums, Stable Flies and Fleas.

  • Precise application on face, neck and arms
  • 30% Deet, water based formula is gentle on skin
  • Convenient to carry
  • 10 hour tick protection
  • 8 hour protection from mosquito bites
  • Repels biting insects that can cause disease
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