Benchmade 179 SOCP Hook

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Benchmade SOCP Hook

The Benchmade 179 SOCP Hook is a unique, multi-purpose rescue tool that can be quickly deployed and discretely carried. For emergency situations the 179 provides the operator a safety cutter, a carbide tipped glass breaker and an O2 wrench all in one tool.

For self defense use, the 179 is swiftly deployable and can be used in much the same ways as the SOCP dagger or a kubaton. Because the 179 does not have a sharpened edge, it can potentially be carried in environments that might not allow an edged tool. The thumb rest is notched differently than the SOCP daggers for quick identification in the dark. Includes a lifetime warranty.

  • 440C construction
  • Integral safety cutter, glass breaker and O2 wrench
  • Same finger lop and sheath design as in the other SOCP family
  • 6.75 inch overall length
  • 1.88 oz.
Brand Benchmade
Product Type
Model 179

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