Chef's Choice EdgeCrafter Diamond Sharpener/File

Chef's Choice
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The Chefs Choice 420 EdgeCrafter Diamond Sharpener/File uses 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen or shape any material. The 420 will help you put a sharp edge on any alloy knife and help you smooth and file tough materials like glass, ceramic, hardened steel, concrete and more. Three pads are included in the package: coarse, medium and ultrafine.

The pads interchange quickly and easily using EdgeCraft’s Magnelok magnetic mounting system. The 420 can be used to sharpen carbide edged tools and blades in addition to traditional steel blades. The diamond abrasive pads are 1.25” x 5.80”. Overall length is 11”. The ChefsChoice EdgeCrafter 420 is made in the USA.

  • Revolutionary sharpener also doubles as powerful, multi-purpose file
  • MagneLok magnetic holder allows you to quickly change diamond pads
  • Comes with 3, 100% diamond abrasive pads: extra fine, medium and coarse.
  • Ultra-flat abrasive surface
  • “Sure-Grip” handle
  • Ideal tool for handy, do-it-yourselfers
Brand Chef's Choice
Product Type
Model 420
Part Number 4200100

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