Vertx VTX5115 MAK Large

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The Vertx MAK Large is an adaptable accessory pouch that can accommodate numerous items from smart phones and rifle mags to med kits. MAK stands for MAGs and Kit, meaning the patent pending wrap adapts to fit your essentials and keep them at the ready. Built from Velcro One-Wrap, this accessory piece wraps around your item for a completely customized fit, then attaches to a loop panel for exceptional organizational capability. Pair with any of the Vertx packs and bags for discrete everyday carry.

  • Constructed of Velcro One Wrap
  • Able to accommodate 5.56 and 7.62 rifle magazines
  • Fits some larger items such as radios, med kits, etc
Brand Vertx
Product Type
Part Number VTX5115ET

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