CRKT El Santo Trauma Shears

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CRKT El Santo Trauma Shears

Grab hold of El Santo™ emergency trauma shears with your right or left hand and you’ll see how this multi-tool got its name. Cut straps. Break glass. Start up the oxygen. Those in need will think someone’s looking out for them. That someone is you.

Emergency Medical Technician Shears

Replaceable Strap Cutter Blade w/ Micro-Veff Serrations™

Ribbed Utility Grips for Safe Handling

El Santo™ was designed by Michael Martinez of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has a long history of creating revolutionary blades that fit the needs of those in tactical settings. So when a trauma surgeon came to him with an idea for a better tool to be used in a life or death situations, the next evolution in emergency shears was born. 

You never know what will get thrown your way in a trauma situation. That’s why El Santo™ features a variety of cutting tools. A removable and replaceable ripping blade has micro-Veff Serrations™ that enables you to tear through corded leather, nylon or belts. Lengthened shear blades with a tapered porpoise nose easily slip under clothing and provide increased leverage so you can cut the most important thing—time. The rippling blade is even easy to swap out with a “no tool” needed screws and replacement part. 

The ribbed utility grip handle on El Santo™ feels like it was meant just for you. It’s ergonomically designed to be an ambidextrous trauma shear with equal cutting and ripping ability in either hand . 

Close the handle around your belt and secure the blade lock. Then feel confident someone up there likes you with El Santo™ by your side. 

  • Blade Length    3.484" (88.49 mm)
  • Blade Edge    Micro Serration
  • Blade Steel    3Cr13
  • Weight    5.9 oz
  • Handle    Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Style    Multi-Tool
  • Overall Length    8.236" (209.19 mm)

*Product materials not suited to tolerate the Autoclave sterilization process.

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