Eberlestock A2SS Side Scabbard

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The Eberlestock A2SS is a side scabbard compatible with the Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow and other packs with external MOLLE/PALS webbing such as the X2. Large enough to accommodate a scoped hunting rifle, the A2SS also works with packs that have internal scabbard mounts, such as the J79 Skycrane II, F4 Terminator, or H1 Mini Me.

On external mounts, Eberlestock recommends augmenting the suspension of the A2SS's self-mounting attachments with compression straps, such as those found on many of their packs. Choose the larger A2LS if your rifle has large tactical turrets, a 50mm objective scope, or is fitted with a bipod.

  • MOLLE webbing on both sides
  • Works with the Skycrane, Terminator, Mini Me, X2, and others
  • Extremely rugged construction
Brand Eberlestock
Product Type MOLLE-PALs Pouches & Accessories
Part Number
Price $40 - $59

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