Eberlestock R.A.S.R. Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest

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The Eberlestock R.A.S.R. Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest supports and stabilizes your rifle while providing a wide range of adjustment and adaptability. Designed to conform to the situation at hand, the RASR can be swiftly adjusted to the operator’s desired position, sitting, kneeling or prone, increasing both comfort and accuracy. The unique design allows swift target acquisition without forcing the operator into an uncomfortable or stressed position.

The RASR is simple to set-up and allows smooth and precise adjustments for azimuth and elevation. One end of the RASR rests on a standard rifle bipod (supplied by the user) or the Eberlestock MOLLE-Pod accessory (sold separately) and the other end on the ground, A shooting rest slides along the machined rail, providing infinitely variable vertical adjustment. With the included extension rods the operator can work effectively anywhere from the prone position to a sitting position. The RASR is very light and transportable. The entire system weighs only 1 lb., 10 oz. (not including the bipod) and occupies little space.

  • Lightweight-easy to transport-quick set-up
  • Adjusts to allow best position for the operator
  • Allows the operator to stay “on scope” while making adjustments
  • Works with any standard rifle bipod
  • Includes 3 extension rods-prone, sitting, kneeling
Brand Eberlestock
Product Type Tactical & Military Gear
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