Esbit Alcohol Burner

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The Esbit Alcohol Burner is a lightweight alternative to a liquid gas or canister stove. The burner operates on denatured alcohol, a readily available and affordable fuel. With no moving parts or burners to wear out or break the Esbit burner is reliable and durable. Just fill it and light it. Only use denatured alcohol for fuel which is usually available at your local hardware or grocery store. Please note this is the burner only, you'll need to have a separate pot support for cooking.

  • Constructed from brass with a screw top and rubber gasket
  • Variable temperature control
  • Fold-away handle on the flame regulator to extinguish flame
  • Works with denatured alcohol only
  • Compact, 1.8 in. x 2.9 in.
  • Weighs only 3.25 oz.
Brand Esbit
Product Type Stoves
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