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Esbit Alcohol Stove and Cookset
  • Esbit Alcohol Stove and Cookset
  • Esbit Alcohol Stove and Cookset
  • Esbit Alcohol Stove and Cookset - Packed

    Esbit Alcohol Stove and Cookset

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    The Esbit Alcohol Stove and Trekking Cookset allows trailside cooking with two types of fuels-denatured alcohol or solid fuel tablets. Key features include a 985 ml pot with graduations, a 470 ml pot/pan which also serves as a lid and the stove/pot-stand with a base for Esbit solid fuel tablets and a solid brass alcohol burner. The alcohol burner is constructed from brass for durability and allows variable temperature control. Additionally the stove is designed to store fuel during transport. All of the components can be stowed and transported in the large pot. Includes a mesh storage bag.

    • Includes stand, 985 ml pot, 470 ml pot, alcohol burner, and base for a solid fuel tablet
    • 985 ml pot with volume indicator in liter / oz. and 470 ml pot that also serves as lid
    • Pots include 2 hinged, stainless steel handles
    • Constructed from extremely light, hard-anodized aluminum
    • Alcohol burner constructed from brass with a screw top and rubber gasket
    • Alcohol burner has variable temperature control with a fold-away handle that helps to regulate or extinguish flame
    • Weight: 14.7 oz.
    Dimensions 5.8" x 5"
    Fuel Type Alcohol/Fuel Tab
    Suggested use Backpacking
    Product Weight 14.7 oz.
    Usually ships in: 1-2 days

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