Eureka Floor Saver

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Eureka Floor Savers are versatile, 6 mm polyethylene ground cloths that, when placed under your tent, will help protect the floor and your feet from rocks, roots, and other debris and also provides an additional layer of water protection. Alternately, when stretched out inside the tent, it can help keep your tent's floor mud-free and looking like new.

Sizes and Compatibility:

Rectangular Small: 4’ 9” x 6’ 8”
5th Season EXO
Alpenlite 2XT
Apex 2
Apex 2XT
Autumn Wind 2XT
Backcountry 1
Backcountry Outfitter 2
Mountain Breeze
Mountain Pass 2XT
Pinnacle Pass 2A, 2EXTA, 3XTA
Tetragon 5
Timberline 2, 2XT
Wabakimi 2
Zeus Classic 1,2,3
Zeus LE 1,2,3
Rectangular Large: 6’ 8” x 8’ 2”
Assault Outfitter 4
Autumn Wind 3XD
Headquarters (requires 2)
Mountain Pass 4XT
Tetragon 8
Timberline 4, 4XT, Outfitter
Wabakimi 3
Brand Eureka
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