Exotac matchCAP XL Match Safe

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The Exotac matchCAP XL match safe is a larger version of the original matchCAP, with a much larger capacity of 25 stormproof matches and 40 kitchen matches, and larger striking surfaces. Like the original, the matchCAP XL is constructed with aircraft grade anodized aluminum and features two striking surfaces-one for strike-anywhere matches and one for safety and stormproof matches, holds all sizes of matches from NATO lifeboat matches to the longer UCO stormproof matches and is waterproof to over 5 meters. Made in the USA.

  • Waterproof to over 5 meters
  • Redundant strikers
  • Works with stormproof and strike-anywhere matches
  • Lanyard provision accepts multiple loops of 550 cord
  • Durable aircraft grade 6061 aluminum construction
  • Double the capacity of the original matchCAP
  • Includes extra strikers, o-rings and lanyard
  • Scalloped body allows easy removal of matches
  • Knurled grip on body can be used to ignite strike-anywhere matches
  • Extremely lightweight-1.25 oz.
  • The phosphorus striker for strike-on-box matches is protected from moisture and damage
  • Holds approx. 25 stormproof matches, 32 NATO type matches or 40 kitchen matches
  • Made in the USA
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