The Original Space Brand Outdoors All Weather Blanket

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The Grabber/Original Space Brand All Weather Blanket is a uniquely versatile item, with many everyday uses in addition to its lifesaving ability in a survival situation. More durable than other emergency blankets, the All-Weather Blanket has a multi-layered construction of plastic film, Astrolar reinforcing fabric, pure aluminum and another layer of plastic film. This laminated construction provides greater insulating ability than the more common single ply blankets and bivvys. It will stay flexible in sub-freezing temperatures, is waterproof, windproof, lightweight (12 oz.) and has grommets in all corners to facilitate shelter construction.

An invaluable survival tool, the All Weather Blanket can be used to signal for help, collect rainwater, reflect heat from a fire, prevent hypothermia, improvise shelter and more. This is an important item not only for the outdoors, but also for home and auto emergency kits. In addition to its emergency uses, the blanket can be used as a dining cloth, an impromptu rain poncho, a waterproof ground cover or rigged as a overhead canopy. It is reusable, easy to fold and easy to clean-dirt just wipes off and has full edge binding. A nice item to keep in your pack when hiking, it provides a dry surface to sit on, picnic on or a waterproof cover during an unexpected shower.

The hooded model provides total head coverage with it's contoured hood. Inside pockets keep your hands warm and allow for an easy way to hold closed-even with gloves. The Grabber/Space All Weather Blanket is also very useful for boaters. It can be used to gain protection from the sun, rain or wind and serves as a radar reflective signaling device in addition to its visual signaling capabilities. The All Weather Blanket is a by-product of the super insulating materials originally developed for NASA. This blanket will reflect and help retain over 80% of radiated body heat, providing warmth and protection, even in very cold temperatures. The standard blanket measures 60 in. by 84 in., and the hooded model measures 60 in. x 66 in. All have a reflective silver lining.

  • Laminated construction
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Grommets at corners
  • Flexible in sub-freezing temperatures
Brand Grabber
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