Grilliput Quattro Portable Grill

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The Grilliput Quattro is an enlarged version of the popular Original Grilliput compact campfire grill that’s sized for group outings of 4 - 6 people. The Grilliput Quattro is easy to transport and is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum for maximum durability. All parts stow neatly into one compact package that is only 2 inches in by 17.4 inches in length.

Key features include adjustable height settings,, a unique Hot Dog Zone for keeping smaller food safe from falling, and 2 Hot Grips finger guards for protection against hot surfaces.

  • Collapsible grill serves 4-6 people
  • Constructed from dishwasher safe stainless steel with adjustable-height aluminum legs
  • Tension-Interlock System™ provides extra support and stability for heavier foods
  • Hot Dog Zone has narrower spacing between grill rods to keep smaller foods on the grill
  • Hot Grips are heat-resistant, silicone rubber finger grips that allow you to touch the hot grill, pan or foods
  • Components conveniently store inside the side rails and are capped with the Hot Grips grill grabbers
  • Includes 2 side rails, 18 grill rods, 2 tension bars, 4 grill legs, and 2 Hot Grips
Brand Grilliput
Product Type Stoves
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Price $20 - $49

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