Hydro Flask True Pint

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Hydro Flask
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The Hydro Flask 16 oz True Pint combines stainless steel vacuum insulation performance with the look and feel of a traditional glass pint. Hydro Flask has even engineered the lip to feel like you’re drinking from a glass. But that’s not all. The lip also has a slight interior angle that allows for a smoother pour and better release of the beer’s aroma. Finally, a ledge on the interior of the pint allows you to stack them easily without having to pry them apart.

The purity of 18/8 stainless steel means your beer will always taste exactly the way it is intended to, without any hint of metallic or other residual taste. Double wall vacuum insulation keeps your frosty beverage nice and cold.

Engineered design for easy stacking
Enhanced Lip for the perfect beer drinking experience
Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
Lifetime Warranty

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