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Hydro Flask
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The Hydro Flask Hydro Flip Lid iinstantly turns any wide-mouth Hydro Flask Bottle into an easy sippin' vessel for your favorite hot (or cold) beverage. Enjoy your coffee, tea or hot chocolate fresh and hot for hours while on the go or at your desk.

Like all Hydro Flask caps, the Hydro Flip is made out of 100% recyclable PP5 and is BPA-free. The lid features a flip-top opening with rubber stopper to plug the opening and help prevent spills when not in use. This cap is spill proof, but not leak proof.

  • Converts your newer style, wide-mouth Hydro Flask bottle an easy sippin' cup
  • Fits all newer style Wide-mouth Hydro Flask bottles
  • Flip-top opening with rubber stopper helps prevent spills
  • 100% recyclable PP5
  • BPA-free

Will it fit my bottle?

The Hydro Flip lid fits newer 18 oz Wide Mouth, 32 oz, 40 oz and 64 oz flasks. Please note that the Hydro Flip lid does not fit on the older style Wide Mouth flasks. The newer style wide mouths have an expanded flange just under the neck of the bottle while the older style does not. Also the older style bottles came with a flat cap that has a 2 5/16 in. inner diameter on the attachment loop, while the newer ones have a 2 9/16 inch inner diameter on the attachment loop.

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