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Katadyn Base Camp Microfilter
  • Katadyn Base Camp Microfilter (filter, hose)
  • Katadyn Base Camp Microfilter (internal)
  • Katadyn Base Camp Microfilter

    Katadyn Base Camp Microfilter

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    The Katadyn Base Camp quickly and easily filters large quantities of water in the backcountry. Using a .3 micron pleated cartridge, the gravity operated filter instantly outputs water free of bacteria, Giardia, and Crytosporidium to EPA standards. A 48" output hose with an on/off valve makes filling cups and bottles easy and convenient. The water bag has a capacity of 2.6 gallons making it ideal for group and family use.

    The high surface area pleated cartridge is the same cartridge used in the Hiker Pro, offering a high flow rate (.5L/minute) and a life span of up to 200 gallons depending on water quality. An activated carbon core reduces unpleasant tastes and odors from water. A removable filter protector extends the filter cartridge life.

    The releasable buckle system makes filling and hanging the reservoir bag easy and quick. The entire unit weighs only 13 oz. and packs down to a 6" x 4" x 4" package. Included is one 2.6 gallon water bag, one anti-clog HikerPro microfilter, one removable filter protector, one 48" output hose, and one output hose valve.

    • Gravity based system-no pumping required
    • Meets EPA purifier standards for bacteria and protozoa
    • Great for families, groups and remote base camps
    • .3 micron microfilter with activated carbon core
    • Weighs only 13 oz.
    • Filter cartridge capacity of up to 200 gallons (dependent on water quality)
    • 2.6 gallon holding bag
    • 48" output hose with valve
    Dimensions 6” x 4” x 4”
    Color Blue
    Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Maximum Flow Rate 0.5 liters/minute
    Effective Against: Bacteria, Protozoa, Sediment
    Maximum Filter Life 800 liters
    Product Weight 13 oz.
    Treatment Medium Pleated glass fiber
    Usually ships in: 1-2 days

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