Kuhl Waterproofing Wax

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KÜHL WAX is made from an exclusive 100% natural blend of Bees wax and plant based ingredients and oils with no petroleum or silicone. Treat garments regularly to ensure they stay waterproof.

  • Test on a small, inconspicuous area before using
  • Remove debris and dirt from the garment
  • Rub the block of KÜHL Wax onto the clean, dry garment in a thin, even layer using long strokes.
  • After you’ve applied the wax, use your hands/fingers to rub it evenly across the fabric and spread it out
  • Melt the wax into the fabric using an iron set to low/medium heat (no steam); you can also use a hair dryer
  • Repeat process if necessary
  • To remove wax, wash garment in 40C (104F)
Brand Kuhl
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Part Number 890

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