Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt - Blackout 1.5 inch

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The Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt is designed to go from the office to the range without missing a beat. Made from a tough synthetic material called Biothane, the Liger Belt features a 2000 lb. tensile strength, 300 lb. hole pull strength, and is impervious to salt water, blood, mildew, mold, rot and many common solvents.

Perfect for discreet carry, this belt is designed to accommodate your belt mounted gear without sagging or printing tactical. The buckle is machined from a solid billet of aircraft aluminum with the integral hook and riveted to the belt with 3/16 “ stainless steel rivets. Made in the USA.

  • 1.5 inch width
  • Designed to project a low-profile appearance
  • Extremely tough-will not rot, mold, mildew and is impervious to salt water and many common solvents
  • Accommodates belt mounted gear without sagging
  • Solid machined aluminum buckle
  • Easy to clean
  • Stays flexible to -20F
  • Will not fray
  • Looks and feels like leather
  • Consistant tensile strength
  • Made in the USA

Sizing Instructions

1. Do NOT order according to your pants size. Please measure your waist circumference in inches with a cloth tailor's tape (or a measuring tape).

2. Put the tape through the loops on your pants as you would usually wear them, measuring all the way around your waist with any equipment you wear on your belt or inside your waist band like guns, knives, phones, pouches, etc.

3. This waist circumference measurement is your belt size and should be the location of your primary hole. If you measure an odd number (ex: 41 inches), order the next higher even number size (Size 42).

4. Each belt comes with six (6) pre-punched holes. Besides your primary hole, there is two additional holes going smaller and three additional holes going larger at one inch increments for fine adjustment.

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