Mountain House #10 Cans-Chicken Stew

Mountain House
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This Mountain House #10 Can provides ten 1-cup servings and has an impressive shelf life of 25 years. Mountain House dehydrated entrees are an ideal solution for group camping trips or emergency preparedness in the home. All that's required for preparation is potable water. Hot water is best for taste, but room temperature or cold water may be used in a pinch.

Mountain House has forty years of food preparation experience and has developed a proven system for creating tasty and nutritious meals. Each freeze dried meal starts with fresh or frozen food which is then cooked, prepared and freeze dried on site. All #10 cans are coated with a protective enamel inside and out, including the lid. The canning process itself was developed for the US military and incorporates both vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing. The can's contents are protected until time of use.

When opened, Mountain House recommends consuming the contents within 1-2 weeks for best results and taste, and making sure to reseal the can between use.  Treat leftover (hydrated) food as you would fresh food.

Mountain House #10 Cans-Chicken Stew
Chunks of chicken and vegetables in a thick cream sauce


Servings/package   10      Total fat 10 grams
Serving Size   1 Cup   Sat. fat 2 grams
Total Calories   240   Cholesterol 25 mg.
Calories from fat   90   Sodium 1190 mg.
Carbs.   26 grams   Fiber 2 grams
Sugars   6 grams   Protein 13 grams
Brand Mountain House
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