Mountain House Chicken Fajita Bowl Pouch Entree

Mountain House
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Mountain House Chicken Fajita Bowl Pouch Entree

Enjoy this chicken fajita bowl right out of the pouch or use it to fill up tortillas. Made with chicken, bell peppers, rice, black beans, corn, onions and seasonings, this meal is sure to spice up any adventure.

Mountain House Entrees offer tasty meals for two on the trail, at camp or any time that you need a hot, hearty meal without a great deal of fuss. Simply open the package, remove the O2 absorber, add 12 oz. of boiling water, stir thoroughly, close the zipper and let stand for 8-9 minutes. The meals can be eaten right out of the stand-up pouch.

Mountain House prepares their meals with fresh or frozen ingredients and freeze dries them on site, resulting in excellent taste and nutrition. Mountain House has a 40 year history of making freeze dried meals and is considered the leader in producing delicious, lightweight meals for outdoor activities and emergency preparation.

Each package has a "best if used by" date for reference. Shelf life is 25+ years from date of manufacture when properly stored with intact packaging. For best results, avoid prolonged storage at temperatures above 75° F.

**Contains: Soy**

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