MSR Quick 2 Pot Set

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The MSR Quick 2 Pot Set includes two anodized aluminum pots, one 2.5 L uncoated pot suitable for use with metal utensils and a 1.5 L nonstick DuraLite DX pot for that allows versatile meal planning and easy clean-up. Also included is a strainer lid and Talon pot handle.

A built-in strainer in the lid makes it easy to drain off water without spilling the contents. Storage and transport is convenient-just nest the pots together, fold the handle over and lock in place. Weighing less than a pound, the Quick 2 Pot set offers a reliable, long lasting solution for backcountry food preparation.  The Quick 2 Pot Set includes a limited warranty. 

  • 2.5L Hard-anodized pot, 1.5L Nonstick DuraLite DX pot, strainer lid, Talon pot holder
  • Modular, compatible with MSR’s DeepDish plates and mugs 
  • Compact, nesting design 
  • 15.9 oz. total weight, 7.7” x 4.8” 
  • Aluminum lid fits either pot
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