MSR SweetWater Water Purifier System

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The MSR SweetWater Purifier System combines two dependable components into one package- a SweetWater microfilter and SweetWater Purifier Solution. This system inactivates 99.99% of waterborne viruses; eliminates over 99.9999% of all waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of common protozoan parasites, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, along with particulates, bad tastes, and odors. It meets U.S. EPA requirements for microbiological water purifiers.

The mainstay of this system is the proven SweetWater Microfilter with its fast and easy dual action pumping system and easy to clean, .2 micron filter cartridge. The cartridge can be cleaned in the field and lets you know if it’s time for a replacement. The cartridge can filter up to 200 gallons of water before a replacement is required. 

A compact and lightweight filter, the SweetWater weighs only 11 oz. with accessories and is only 7.5” x 2”. Included accessories are a 80-micron stainless-steel prefilter, two color-coded silicone hoses, foam float, water bottle adapter, cleaning brush, and a carry bag. 

Along with the microfilter, the system includes MSR’s Sweetwater Purifier Solution, a chlorine based solution that will deactivate harmful viruses small enough to pass through the filter. To use, just add 5 drops of the purifier solution to each liter of filtered water, mix for at least ten seconds and wait five minutes.  This is a complete water purifier system made for use in heavily trafficked areas, developing countries or anyplace that might have viruses and other pathogens present in the water. 

  • Complete, fast purifying system-iodine free
  • Filter is  simple to clean in the field
  • Includes bottle adaptor
  • Filter cartridge life up to 200 gallons
  • One bottle of Purifier Solution treats 300 liters
  • Includes a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
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