National Geographic Shenandoah National Park Trails Illustrated Map

National Geographic
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The Trails Illustrated Shenandoah National Park Map includes Shenandoah National Park in its entirety, wilderness areas, Rapidian Wildlife Management Area, Overall Run Waterfall, Whiteoak Canyon Waterfall, Cedar Run Waterfall, Rose River Waterfall and much more.

National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps contain detailed topographic information, clearly marked and named trails, points of interest, and navigational information including latitude/longitude, UTM grid, compass rose, scale bar and more. Printed on a 100% plastic material, these maps are waterproof and tear resistant yet feel and fold like paper.

  • Includes trails, waterfalls, ranger stations,
    wilderness campsites, facilities and more
  • Contour interval 50’
  • Distance scale
  • Waterproof, tear resistant
  • Provides relevant local information
  • 26” x 38” open
  • 4.25” x 9.25” folded
  • Scale = 1:75,000
  • Revised regularly
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