Pelican 3310ELS Emergency Lighting Station

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Pelican 3310 ELS Emergency Lighting Station

The Pelican 3310 ELS Emergency Lighting Station provides bright, long-lasting light if the power goes out. Designed to be wall mounted within easy reach, this system features a photo luminescent flashlight with a maximum run time of 190 hours, and a maximum brightness of 234 lumens. The light mounts inside of a clear Pelican tamper-resistant case to maintain readiness.

The 3310 flashlight has 3 modes:
Low- 28 lumens, 190 hour runtime
High- 234 lumens, 8.75 hour runtime
and flashing for signaling

The 3310 flashlight glows in the dark for easy accessibility and operates on 3 AA batteries (included). The 3310ELS is an important addition to any public building, home or boat. This lighting station assures that there will be light for emergency evacuation, repairs, medical treatment and other emergency activities.

  • Photo luminescent for swift access
  • Ideal for emergency preparedness
  • 234 lumens of light output, perfect for egress needs
  • Signaling mode for search and rescue scenarios
  • Up to 190 hours of runtime, invaluable during extended power outages
  • IPX7 = Waterproof (submerged to 1 meter for 30 min.)
  • Wall mountable, tamper resistant case (hardware included)

Brand Pelican
Product Type Lighting
Part Number 033100-0000-247

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