Platypus Water Tank

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The Platypus Water Tank is the big brother of the widely used Platy Bottle and incorporates the same lightweight, solid construction. The clean-tasting, BPA-free Water Tank is an ideal way to contain and carry water when base camping, on group outings or anytime that considerable capacity is needed. These redesigned Water Tanks have a more durable and flexible film, new carry handle and an easier closing Big Zip opening.

Platy Tanks feature nylon handles that make transport easier, an easy pouring corner spout and a BigZip wide-mouth opening that allows for easier cleaning and filling. The wide-mouth opening also makes it is easy to add ice or beverage mixes.

Platy Water Tanks are ultralight-4.4 oz. or less and make a very compact package when rolled up. They are the perfect solution for convenient, taste-free water storage when backpacking, camping or for emergency kits. Made in the USA. Limited warranty.


2 Liter (70 oz.) 7.5" x 12" 2.7 oz.
4 Liter (140 oz.) 8.25" x 16" 3.6 oz.
6 Liter (210 oz.) 9.5" x 18" 4.4 oz.
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