QuikClot Clotting Sponge

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QuikClot stops bleeding fast. Proven effective by medics on the battlefield and first responders, QuikClot controls bleeding by absorbing water molecules from blood and leaving the platelet and clotting factor molecules in a highly concentrated form. This promotes rapid, natural clotting that prevents severe blood loss. The 25 gram size is designed for small and midsize wounds.

QuikClot is used by the FBI, CIA, ATF, military personnel and by civilian first responders globally because it’s simple, effective and fast. If you hunt, camp, hike, boat or drive a car you should consider including QuickClot with your medical supplies.

To use, simply open the package and place the pad directly over the wound and apply pressure. Continue to apply pressure until the bleeding stops and secure the pad in place with a dressing. Do not remove until medical care has been obtained.

  • Stops bleeding fast
  • 4-year shelf life
  • Sterile when packaged
  • Used by medics and first responders
  • Available in two sizes
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