Rescue Tape Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

Rescue Tape
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Rescue Tape is a self-fusing silicone tape with a 950 PSI tensile strength. This tape creates a permanent, waterproof, airtight seal that resists fuels, oils, acids and solvents. Rescue Tape is designed to be wrapped around an object while being stretched and overlapped. The more Rescue Tape is stretched, the stronger it fuses.

Rescue Tape does not leave a sticky residue and either side of the tape may be used. The tape withstands temperatures of up to 500 degrees F, remains flexible to -85 F and will insulate 8000 volts. Typical uses include emergency hose repair, pipe and plumbing repairs, electrical insulation, corrosion protection, sealing connections, waterproofing,, whipping rope ends, tool handles and grips. Rescue Tape is certified to meet or exceed USA Military Specifications: CID-A-A-59163. Made in the USA.

  • Self-fusing silicone tape
  • 950 PSI Tensile strength, withstands 500 degree F temperatures, insulates 8000 volts
  • 1" x 12'
  • Resists fuels, oils, acids, solvents and more
  • Creates a permanent airtight, watertight seal
  • Must be stretched and wrapped to seal
  • Great for home and vehicle emergency kits, boating, off-roading and more
Brand Rescue Tape
Product Type Cordage, Tape & Accessories

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